Resources for using CLEVIPREX® (clevidipine)

Access on-demand videos and downloadable resources with information about CLEVIPREX and the treatment settings where using CLEVIPREX may be appropriate.
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CLEVIPREX resources for your care team

CLEVIPREX Stroke Guidelines Summary

Stroke Guidelines Summary

Download a summary of the 2018 AHA/ASA AIS Guidelines recommendations on CLEVIPREX.

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Download a PDF overview of helpful information about CLEVIPREX.

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Dosing and Administration Guide

Dosing and Administration Guide

Use this guide as a quick reference to help with CLEVIPREX dosing and administration.

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CLEVIPREX video resource library

The pharmacology of CLEVIPREX1

CLEVIPREX is titrated to the desired reduction in BP. The effect of CLEVIPREX appears to plateau at approximately 25% of baseline systolic pressure. The infusion rate for which half the maximal effect is observed is approximately 10 mg/h.

Mechanism of action1

CLEVIPREX works by selectively dilating arterial smooth muscle via calcium channel blockade, reducing systemic vascular resistance without affecting preload.

Dosing and Administration1

CLEVIPREX offers non–weight-based dosing and is not dependent on hepatic or renal function. The ready-to-use vials are available in 50 and 100 mL for individualized, titratable administration.

Peer insight videos

Renowned anesthesiologist Dr. Todd Horowitz discusses CLEVIPREX clinical trial results and dosing in a series of informative videos for healthcare professionals.

CLEVIPREX Clinical Trials


Dr. Todd Horowitz discusses efficacy and safety outcomes from pivotal trials in a variety of patient types and settings.



Get an overview of how to properly administer and dose CLEVIPREX presented by Dr. Todd Horowitz.

Low-volume dosing with CLEVIPREX1


Watch a video featuring Dr. Solomon Aronson, lead investigator of the ECLIPSE trials, as he discusses the trials and how CLEVIPREX was studied against active comparators. Learn how CLEVIPREX drug administration in the trial compared with nicardipine in the postoperative setting.