transitioning patients off CLEVIPREX® (clevidipine)

Cleviprex vials

Considerations when transitioning to oral antihypertensive therapy

Considerations when no oral antihypertensive therapy has been initiated1

  • If oral therapy is initiated, consider the following1:
    • Oral therapy will have a lag time of onset
    • Half-life of CLEVIPREX is ~1 minute; in most patients, full recovery of BP occurs 5–15 minutes after discontinuation
  • Discontinue CLEVIPREX or down-titrate as oral therapy takes effect1
  • Continue BP monitoring until desired BP is achieved1
  • In a study in acute severe hypertension, oral therapy was started prior to discontinuation or down-titration of CLEVIPREX2
  • In most patients, full recovery of BP occurs 5–15 minutes after CLEVIPREX infusion is stopped
  • Monitor for rebound hypertension for at least 8 hours after CLEVIPREX infusion is stopped
  • Follow-up adjustments in BP control may be needed in patients who receive prolonged CLEVIPREX infusions and are not transitioned to other antihypertensive therapies

Low-volume dosing option

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The CLEVIPREX Dosing and Administration Guide

Use this guide as a quick reference to help with CLEVIPREX dosing and administration.

Other dosing guidelines

There are additional storage, handling, and administration guidelines to consider when using CLEVIPREX.