CLEVIPREX® (clevidipine) pharmacology and mechanism of action


CLEVIPREX rapidly lowers arterial blood pressure

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Titratable, fast onset of action1

CLEVIPREX begins to reduce SBP within 2 minutes of initiation dose. An approximately 1–2 mg/hr increase will generally produce an additional 2–4 mmHg decrease in systolic pressure.

1-Minute Half-Life

~1-minute half-life1

CLEVIPREX has a half-life of ~1 minute. In most patients, full recovery of BP is achieved 5–15 minutes after the infusion is stopped.

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Dosing of CLEVIPREX is independent of hepatic and renal function due to metabolism by plasma and tissue esterases.

The pharmacology of CLEVIPREX1

CLEVIPREX is titrated to the desired reduction in BP. The effect of CLEVIPREX appears to plateau at approximately 25% of baseline systolic pressure. The infusion rate for which half the maximal effect is observed is approximately 10 mg/hr.


Mechanism of action1

CLEVIPREX works by selectively dilating arterial smooth muscle via calcium channel blockade, reducing systemic vascular resistance without affecting preload.


Dr. Horowitz speaks about CLEVIPREX

Renowned anesthesiologist Dr. Todd Horowitz discusses CLEVIPREX clinical trial results and dosing in a series of informative videos for healthcare professionals.

Individualized, titratable administration1

CLEVIPREX offers low-volume, non–weight-based dosing that is independent of renal or hepatic function.

Stroke Guidelines

CLEVIPREX has been recommended in the AHA/ASA Acute Ischemic Stroke Guidelines since 20182

Proven efficacy in clinical studies1,3-6

CLEVIPREX provided blood pressure reduction in a range of patients and various clinical settings.

50 mL and 100 mL CLEVIPREX single-use, ready-to-use vials