transitioning patients off CLEVIPREX® (clevidipine)

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Considerations when transitioning to oral antihypertensive therapy

Considerations when no oral antihypertensive therapy has been initiated1

  • If oral therapy is initiated, consider the following1:
    • Oral therapy will have a lag time of onset
    • Half-life of CLEVIPREX is ~1 minute; in most patients, full recovery of BP occurs 5–15 minutes after discontinuation
  • Discontinue CLEVIPREX or down-titrate as oral therapy takes effect1
  • Continue BP monitoring until desired BP is achieved1
  • In a study in acute severe hypertension, oral therapy was started prior to discontinuation or down-titration of CLEVIPREX2
  • In most patients, full recovery of BP occurs 5–15 minutes after CLEVIPREX infusion is stopped
  • Monitor for rebound hypertension for at least 8 hours after CLEVIPREX infusion is stopped
  • Follow-up adjustments in BP control may be needed in patients who receive prolonged CLEVIPREX infusions and are not transitioned to other antihypertensive therapies

Other dosing guidelines

There are additional storage, handling, and administration guidelines to consider when using CLEVIPREX.

50 mL and 100 mL CLEVIPREX single-use vials

Individualized, titratable administration1

CLEVIPREX has a low-volume, non–weight-based dosing regimen that is independent of renal or hepatic function.1

Demonstrated safety profile

The safety profile of CLEVIPREX was evaluated in multiple clinical trials.1