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Renowned anesthesiologist Dr. Todd Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz speaks about CLEVIPREX

Renowned anesthesiologist Dr. Horowitz discusses CLEVIPREX clinical trial results and dosing in a series of informative videos for healthcare professionals.

Todd Horowitz, DO
Medical Director, Department of Anesthesiology, Delray Medical Center

CLEVIPREX Clinical Trials

Dr. Horowitz discusses efficacy and safety outcomes from pivotal trials in a variety of patient types and settings, including perioperative hypertension and acute severe hypertension.



Get an overview of how to properly administer and dose CLEVIPREX presented by Dr. Horowitz.

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    Individualized, titratable administration1

    CLEVIPREX offers low-volume, non–weight-based dosing that is independent of renal or hepatic function.

    50 mL and 100 mL CLEVIPREX single-use, ready-to-use vials

    Proven efficacy in clinical studies1-5

    CLEVIPREX provided blood pressure reduction in a range of patients and various clinical settings.

    Onset within minutes1

    CLEVIPREX has a titratable, fast onset of action and short half-life.