Control of acute severe hypertension with low rate of overshoot4

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Mean percent change from baseline in SBP (%) CLEVIPREX –25 –20 –15 –10 –5 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Time (minutes)

Mean percent change in SBP with clevidipine (mITT population, n=117).

  • Nearly 89% of acute severe hypertension patients achieved target BP range4
  • Target SBP range achieved with a median time of 10.9 minutes4
  • No change in lipid profile was observed*4
  • Mean duration of infusion=21 hours1,4

*Increased blood triglycerides have been observed in the postmarketing experience of CLEVIPREX.

VELOCITY safety data

  • Serious adverse events from CLEVIPREX initiation to 7 days later were reported in 11 of 126 (8.7%) safety population patients4
  • Headache was the most frequently reported adverse event, with an overall incidence of 6.3% (8/126), followed by nausea 4.8% (6/126), chest discomfort 3.2% (4/126), and vomiting 3.2% (4/126)4
  • The incidence of adverse events leading to study drug discontinuation for CLEVIPREX in severe hypertension was 4.8%1

Low rate of overshoot in acute severe hypertension patients4

  • 1.6% of patients (N=2) experienced overshoot within the first 3 minutes after start of infusion. These 2 patients continued CLEVIPREX infusion beyond 18 hours without experiencing any adverse events4
  • In this study, the incidence of adverse events leading to study drug discontinuation was 4.8%1

Overshoot was defined as SBP below the prespecified initial target range within the first 3 minutes of starting the infusion.